Miracles.Media was started by Michel van der Burg in 2018 both as website and officeless company (‘one-man business’ – is the legal form) aiming at non-profit production and publishing of film , book and mixed-media web productions — a site foremost serving as the online platform for the ongoing Miracles Project, presentation of fellow volunteers , and a portfolio of works , also from the other sites in use for publications with a different focus.
These other sites (all imprints now of Miracles.Media) include michelvanderburg.com , the first site started, in 2007, publishing a selection of my film, photography, and writing with a major focus on holocaust documentary projects, in particular on the attack in Belgium on Transport XX to Auschwitz, the 20th train convoy to Auschwitz with Jewish prisoners, the people that escaped, and in particular, now, the story of Simon Gronowski. In 2017, Settela•Com was started, focussing on the online documentation and research of the Westerbork film images, the use of the Westerbork film in other works, the context of the war and holocaust in the Netherlands, and the destruction of diversity. Aside from these long-term projects , I am posting daily at the site 1-memo.com , with the motto : “Every day I make something. So in the evening there’s something in the world that wasn’t there in the morning” — loosely translated quote from the dutch author Marja Pinckaers.




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