Miracles Project ~ Introduction

The Miracles project is a cross-media project…work in progress…including a web documentary telling the personal story of the Belgian lawyer Simon Gronowski, who as an 11 year-old child from a Brussels’ Jewish family escaped from the 20th death train Transport XX to Auschwitz — and the connected stories of…living miracles…like Viviane, who escaped in the womb of her pregnant mother from that Transport XX — and the unlikely story of Simon’s friend , his ‘brother’, the visual artist Koenraad Tinel – born in a Belgian family of nazi collaborators.

A documentary of continuing stories , continued in books, film, opera, and the news…


Welcome to Miracles•Media !

Today ‘Miracles’ is announced : our title for the upcoming documentary on Simon Gronowski and Koenraad Tinel !

Today, also, we announce the birth of this Miracles•Media site and film house !
Miracles•Media is first and foremost for promotion of the Miracles documentary film, and will further serve as platform and online portfolio of other productions.

Building this special site just started , therefore please visit michelvanderburg.com for more info.

My life is only miracles. — Simon Gronowski